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Friday, July 8, 2016

in the details...

I am pretty much in agreement with this War on the Rocks argument for “Recognizing that Israel is Not an Occupying Power in Gaza is Good for Everyone.” And I do recommend the article….But, I have to quibble about a detail from the get go – only because I see this particular so-called historical fact used over and over. The Israeli- Palestinian conflict is long and complex, but we need to keep our eyes on the details or risk getting lost in subterfuge.

 Six years after Israel and Turkey had a severe falling out following the Gaza flotilla raid, the two countries have finally reconciled. The deal will allow Israel to maintain its blockade, which Israel established after its withdrawal from Gaza in 2005.

 The sentence implies that Israel disengaged from the Gaza Strip and then imposed a naval blockade on the strip. This is simply not the case.  It is true, during the August 2005 disengagement operation, a brief naval blockade was imposed to prevent attacks from sea occurring during the disengagement, but it was not maintained after the disengagement was complete.

The actual navy blockade commenced after Corporal Galid Shalit was kidnapped from Israel and taken hostage into the Gaza Strip by the PRC (Public Resistance Committees – and ad hoc organization made up from members from local militant groups – Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad). 

 The Navy ordered a shutdown on Gaza for Tuesday night, and has increased patrols of navy ships along the Gaza coast. Palestinian fast boats have been banned, and only small fishing boats with limited speed are allowed on the sea.  

The Navy is preparing for the possibility of an attempt to smuggle the kidnapped soldier out of Gaza via the sea, and instructions have been sent to ship commanders.  The naval closure is similar to that carried out by the Navy during the disengagement plan, when the IDF worked to prevent terror attacks from the ocean.
 All of which means, I have probably been blogging far too long.

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